Rockford, Illinois USA
Thai Hut @ Perryville
Thai Hut Perryville is located on S. Perryville Rd (One and half block south of East State Street, right behind Panera Bread).

Driving direction:
From North Perryville road
: drive pass E.state intersection then right turn at Mill Road and left turn to Highgrove Place.
From South Perryille road: turn left at Finchem traffic light then turn right to Highgrove place.
From I-90 East State: turn left to S.Perryville, right turn at Mill road and left turn at Highgrove place.
From West E.State: turn right at Mill Road (Rockford Library), follow Mill road then right turn at Highgrove Place.

Map for New Thai Hut No. 2

Thai Hut Perryville carry out MENU
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